Image-Based Modeling and Rendering

The IBMR-Focus is thought as a starting point for Image-Based Modeling and Rendering resources. This site is non-commercial. Since the site is quite new any hint, comment, etc. is welcome.

June 2000: Since I'm not longer working on topics concerning Image-based Rendering I will not change this site any more.

Nov. 2002: When moving the page, I updated and added some links.

Introduction to Image-Based Rendering by Michael F. Cohen
Introduction by Leonard McMillan.
View the presentations and papers of SIGGRAPH'98 Course 15: Image-Based Modeling and Rendering put together by Paul Debevec. This includes Introduction and Overview, Projective Image Warping, Warping Images with Depth, Recovering Geometry I, Recovering Geometry II, Lightfield Representations, Applications of IBMR in Art and Cinema, Applications of IBMR in Human Animation.
And SIGGRAPH'99 Course 39: Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting.
Course on Image-Based Modeling and Rendering taught by Steve Seitz and Paul Heckbert at Carnegie Mellon University, including images and models by students.


QuickTime VR at Apple
International QuickTime VR Association
QTVR Online Tutor at LetMeDoIt.com
Virtual Scenes
Panorama Tools

Light Field & Lumigraph
Light Field Rendering at Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory
The Stanford Light Fields Archive
LightPack: Light Field Authoring and Rendering Package
Lifview: Light Field Viewer
Extended Light Fields at Karlsruhe University
The Lumigraph at Microsoft

Other IBR techniques
View Morphing
Plenoptic Modeling
Delta Tree

Hybrid Techniques
FACADE: Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs at Berkeley
The Campanile Movie
Automatic 3D reconstruction of rigid objects from multiple views at Hannover
Examples for automatically generated VRML-models

Objects and Lighting
Rendering with Natural Light at Berkeley
Controllable Illumination at Chinese University of Hong Kong
Image-Based Objects at University of North Carolina

Base Literature
Author Index
(in german) Analyse, Vergleich und Beurteilung von Image-Based Rendering Ansätzen
Ian Ashdown's IBMR bibliography in bibtex format

Microsoft Research: Vision Based Modeling Links
Paul Heckbert's Image Based Modeling and Rendering Links
Christian Vogelgsang's Links to IBR Sites
Charles Dyer's Bookmarks

Marsel Khadiyev's ibmr.net

Other Resources
The Computer Vision Homepage
Siggraph 99 Course 28: 3D Photography
Stan Birchfield's Introduction to Projective Geometry

Nick England initiated an image-based rendering mailing list: To join, send an email to majordomo@cs.unc.edu with subscribe image-based-rendering in the message body. To unsubscribe, use unsubscribe image-based-rendering in the body.

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